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Add time buffer to service availability
Add time buffer to service availability

This article describes what a time buffer is and what purpose it serves.

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A time buffer is an additional duration of time (days) added to the services schedules (availability). It postpones the availability of the next time slot prevent unexpected bookings during that time.

Here's how to set the time buffer for a service:

  1. Open the Timerise app -

  2. Click on the Services section in the main navigation.

  3. Select a service.

  4. Open the Schedule tab.

  5. Look for the Availability section, select an availability and click the Edit button next to it.

  6. Look for the Service starts option and choose Days from now from the dropdown menu.

  7. Set the number of days, 1 day = 24 hours.

  8. Click Save.

Now, on the booking page of this service, available time slots will be moved by a set number of days.

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