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Game Types (TTRS) (Tutors)

Information on the different game types available to tutors

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Single Player


Our only timer-free game, Jamming gives players the choice over the tables they practise and whether to include multiplication, division or both. It's perfect for building up confidence on the tables of your choice, at your own pace.

Note that the 10×, 2×, 5× and 11× tables may each be unavailable for a player if they're already so fast at every question in that table that they don't really need to practise it in Jamming. Read more here.


Gigs give tutees and their tutors a way to check overall performance each month. It's a good idea for tutees to play a Gig early in their TTRS journey so that you have a baseline. Once played, it becomes unavailable until the 1st of the next month.

  • Single player

  • 100 questions starting with the 10 times table, then the 2s, 5s, 3s, 4s, 6s, 7s, 8s, 9s, 11s and 12s.

  • 5 minute time limit

  • 10 coins per correct answer


The Garage is the best place for mastering individual tables as it's highly rewarding (10 coins per correct answer) and allows parents to decide what tables their children are asked.

The Garage is single player and tutees are able to decide whether to play in one, two or three minute games.


The Studio is the place to go once you've mastered a few of the tables and you'd like to earn a Studio Speed and corresponding status. To do this, children must play ten games in the Studio mode.

Studio Speed is the average recall time from their most recent ten games. Once a player has completed 10 Studio games, they will earn their first rock status. They can return to the Studio at any time to improve their Studio Speed and status. They will be asked any question up to 12 x 12 during a one minute long, single player game, and will earn 1 coin per correct answer.


When tutees play a Soundcheck, they are asked 25 questions, each with a 6-second time limit. The questions are multiplication only and evenly weighted in terms of difficulty each time they play - exactly the same as the UK government's 'Multiplication Tables Check'.

  • Single player

  • All tables up to 12×12

  • 5 coins per correct answer

  • 25 questions, 6-second time limit for each question



The Arena is a multiplayer game where children can compete live against others in the organisation, answering questions according to the schedule that's been set. Games are one minute long and children will earn 1 coin per correct answer.


The Festival is for those tutees who are ready to take on others from all around the world, answering any question up to 12 x 12. Each multiplayer Festival game is one minute long and children earn 1 coin per correct answer. 

Rock Slam

A Rock Slam allows you to challenge a tutee by setting a time for them to beat. When the challengee logs in, they'll be able to play against the challenger's 'ghost' in a head-to-head Rock Slam!

Similarly, one of your tutees can challenge you or another of your tutees, so look out!

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