Heatmaps (Heat Maps) (TTRS)

Find out how to view class and student heatmaps.

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What is a Heatmap?

A heatmap is all about fluency, measured through speed.

Every student that uses TT Rock Stars has a Heatmap. It shows you (and them!) how quickly they're correctly responding to each fact.

Heatmaps start coloured grey and as the student plays in all the different game modes (all except Jamming because Jamming doesn't have a timer) their Heatmap will be colour-coded to show their speed. We take an average of the last 10 times they answered that fact. Here's the colour key:

A dark red shows that in their last 10 attempts of the fact, they answered in over 10 seconds. A dark green shows that in their last 10 attempts of the fact, they answered in under 1 second.

Even better, Heatmaps are available for classes too! Learn more below...

3 Top Tips for Using Heatmaps - Video

Class Heatmap

To view and download heatmaps, please go to Stats > class name > Fluency

Here's an example heatmap for the whole class. The colours reflect how quickly the class are responding on average.

Hovering over a fact will show the average speed for the class. Clicking on a fact will bring up the average response time of each student. This data won’t be shown unless the student has answered that question 10 times or more, so don’t worry if some students are missing. They’ll be added as they play more games.

Tip: Click on the facts in the table that are coloured orange and red to see which students are finding them more challenging. This can help you direct your attention in class.

Table Focus

You can also choose to focus the stats in the heatmap on a specific table of your choice by simply clicking that table. as shown below:

Time Slider

With the Stats bolt-on you can use a slider above the heatmap to quickly see how much students have progressed over time.

Student Heatmap

On the same Fluency tab, scroll past the class heatmap to the student table and click on their name.

Once you've clicked their name, you'll see a pop-up showing their individual student heatmap. Like this:

Hover over a cell to see what the recall time is for that fact. The response time shown is an average of their most recent 10 correct response times to that question.

Important: The heatmap data comes from questions answered in all game modes EXCEPT for Jamming. Jamming does not have a timed element, and therefore questions answered in Jamming do not contribute to the heatmap.

So in this example, the player has taken an average of 3.71s to correctly answer 5 × 2.

Select a particular table to inspect the data more easily.

With the Stats bolt-on you can even scroll back through a student's history of heatmaps to see how much they've improved!

Downloading all students' heatmaps in one PDF

At the top of the Fluency page, you’ll find a download student heatmaps button.

Watch this 30 second video to learn about the different ways to download student heatmaps:

Gone Green Certificates

You can reward students for turning their heatmaps completely green by awarding them a Gone Green certificate.

Click here to learn how to automatically download completed certificates as soon as the students earn them (you must subscribe to the Stats bolt-on.)

If you don't have the Stats bolt-on, you can download blank certificates here.

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