Gone Green Certificates

Reward students for turning their heatmap green!

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Gone Green Certificates

Every student has a heatmap. Find out more about heatmaps here.

Heatmaps show you how quickly pupils are correctly responding to each fact. They are colour-coded based on speed:

A totally green heatmap means that a student has consistently answered all facts in 4 seconds or less. They must answer each fact at least 10 times in any game mode (apart from Jamming) at 4 seconds or less before it will turn green on their heatmap.

With the Stats bolt-on, you are able to automatically generate Gone Green certificates for your class at the click of a button!

Each student will earn this certificate once: the first time they turn their heatmap totally green.

To download these certificates:

  1. Go to Stats > your class > Fluency

  2. Press the 'Gone Green Certificates' button.

This 30-second video goes into more detail on how to use the Gone Green certificate generator:

Top Tips for Using Heatmaps and Gone Green - Video

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