Heatmaps (TTRS)

Find out how to view class and pupil heatmaps.

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Heatmaps show you quickly pupils are correctly responding to each fact.

Class Heatmap

To view and download heapmaps, please go to Stats > class name > Fluency

Here's an example heatmap for the whole class. The colours reflect how quickly the class are responding on average.

Pupil Heatmap

On the same Fluency tab, scroll past the class heatmap to the pupil table and click on their name.

Hover over a cell to see what the recall time is for that fact. Strictly speaking, the response time shown is an average of their most recent 10 correct response times to that question. So in this example, the player has taken an average of 1.95s to correctly answer 6 × 8.

Select a particular table to inspect the data more easily.

With the Stats bolt-on you can even scroll back through a pupil's history of heatmaps to see how much they've improved!

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