In this article we cover the following topics:

  1. User list

    • User states

    • Invite users

    • Export users

    • Transfer progress

  2. User details

    • Impersonate

    • Reset LMS progress

    • Suspend

    • Add permissions

    • Grant CB access / Revoke CB access

    • Promote to / Devote admin

    • Remove from platform

1. User list

By going to LXP Control > Audience > Users you can see a list of all the users on your platform. You can search the list and sort with the following columns:

  • First name

  • Last name

  • Email

  • Groups (links to Structure)

  • Date joined

  • Last login

The users can have one of the following 3 statuses/states:

  • Pending users = users who have been invited but have not registered to the platform

  • Active users = users who have registered and have access to the platform

  • Suspended users = users who are (temporarily) deactivated on this platform

You can filter the list of users based on their status by clicking on the filter button on the right.

Invite users

You can invite users in different ways:

  • Add a new user = Manually enter name and email address to quickly add a new user to your platform and let them set up a password themselves.

  • Import new users = Upload a datafile with users that you want to invite to your platform. You can upload a xlsx file directly.

  • Hand out voucher codes = Invite users that you don’t have the contact details from by giving them a voucher code to gain access to your platform.

  • Identity provider (SAML2) = Set up single sign on with your active directory or SAML2 compliant identity provider.

Export users

You can export users to an xlsx spreadsheet. It will contain all the fields that appear in your list, including:

  • First name, last name

  • The user ID

  • Email

  • The user's status

  • The date joined

  • The last login

  • Groups

Transfer progress

By clicking on the "Transfer progress" in the burger menu, you can easily transfer all the progress a user made on the platform to a different user.

Decide which credentials you want to keep. Progress from the other account will be transferred to the selected account. The other account will be removed. Confirm by clicking the "transfer progress" button on the bottom of the page. And voilà, the magic happens.

Please note: This action does NOT merge the users' progression. The progress of the user that you keep the credentials of will be overwritten by the transfer.

When to use this feature?

For example, you can transfer the progress of learners who started their pre-boarding with their personal email addresses to their work email addresses once they start the onboarding program after contract start date.

2. User details

When you click on a user in your Audience users list, you land on the user detail page. Here you can see all the information about the user.

The information is organized in the following 5 tabs:

  • Profile = You can view the standard profile fields (such as language and contract start date) and the flexible fields customised to your platform.

  • Permissions = shows all the permissions set for the user. Check out the permissions guide for more information on permissions.

  • Groups = shows all the groups that a user is a member of.

  • Insights = shows the individual progress for each module.

  • Emails = shows all the linked email addresses to the user.

By clicking on the pencil icon you can edit the user details that are seen in the Profile tab.

By clicking on the hamburger menu next to the pencil icon, you can do the following actions:

  • Impersonate = You can view the platform through the eyes of the user. Read more about this feature here.

  • Reset LMS progress = The user's module, badge, and to-do list progress will be reset and erased from the platform. The user's settings, automations, etc., remain the same and will not remove the user from the platform.

  • Suspend = Here you can provisionally suspend a user from the platform for a default period of 30 days (the period can be customised per platform).

    Extra info:

    • The user will no longer be able to log in.

    • The user data will be stored during the platform suspension period you defined.

    • The user can be unsuspended until the period end date.

    • If a suspended user is still in the user import file, the user will be unsuspended automatically.

    • The user will be deducted from the license fee for the platform.

    • Once the period has ended, the user will be removed from the platform and their personal data will be removed.

  • Add permissions = You can give the user multiple permissions. Read more about this feature here.

  • Grant CB access / Revoke CB access = This allows you to grant or revoke Content Builder access to the user. The access is only activated or deactivated for the attached Content Builder to the platform. Now that the user can access the Content Builder, make sure to send her/him the link to the Content Builder of your platform!

  • Promote to / Devote admin = Only admins have access to LXP Control and can take action in every area (Audience, Structure, Content, Pathways, Insights). Don't forget to share '' URL with the user you promoted to an Admin.

  • Remove from platform (only for suspended users) = This action cannot be reverted, and all data linked to the user will be deleted. Learning data will be anonymised for analytic purposes.

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