As a manager or admin you may want to have an insight into how certain users are performing or how users in general are performing on specific modules or journeys. This information is all shown in progression reports. How to access these reports differs per function: manager or admin.

Both instructions are described in this article:


As a manager, you can have an insight into the progress of your team. You might want to find answers on questions like "Which person has done what?", "Has person X done training Y?" or "What is the progress of person X on journey Y?".

You can find this information under "More" in your navigation menu:

In the reporting overview you can filter on "Groups", "People", or "Skills".


Under "Groups" you can see the following information:

  • Which groups you're a manager of.

  • How many members you're a manager of.

  • How many members are in each group.

  • How many modules every group has completed. --> You can adjust the slide button on top to show this either in ratio or in percentage.

Tip: You can filter by journey to see the progress on one specific journey.

Tip: You can see the report of one specific group by using "Search groups".


Under "People" you can see the following information:

  • An overview of every member you're a manager of.

  • Latest response on mood surveys in the emoji on their profile picture.

  • Detailed information of each member including: general information, responses to mood surveys, progress on journeys and skills.

Tip: You can access detailed information per member by clicking on their name.


Under "Skills" you can see the following information:

  • An overview of all skills in Upskill with the skill category they're in.

  • How many skills are achieved by your team members in total.

  • How many members you're a manager of.

  • How many members have achieved each skill.

Tip: You can filter by user group and by skill category.

Good to know:

Users can also track their own progress. They can access it from the drop-down menu under "More".

They can see the following information:

  • Percentage of their total progress on the platform.

  • Which journeys they have access to.

  • Which modules are in each journey and which ones they have completed.

Tip: sometimes users have access to modules that are not included in a journey. They still need to complete those module to be able to reach a score of 100%. If they see modules they shouldn't see you can check out this troubleshooter:


As an admin, you can have an insight into global results and progress on the platform of all users. Basically, it grants you an insight into how your platform is performing.

You can find this information in LXP Control ( In the menu on the left, you can select 'Insights'.

"Insights" show information on the following topics:

  1. Trends

  2. Content

  3. Usage

  4. Upskill

  5. Progression

  6. Feedback

1. Trends:

Overview statistics: An overview in different general statistics: how many users are on the platform (total, engaged & active), how many learning bites, how many answers are given to all questions, and how many journeys there are.

Learning feedback: An indication of how users are perceiving the platform. Use these numbers to enhance your learning strategy, and build the skills and knowledge colleagues really need.

You can also filter platform data to create a specific selection of users you want to inspect.

Find out more about how to interpret these graphs in this article.

2. Content:

Here you can inspect the performance of your platform from a content perspective. Per module you can see how each one is performing.

It shows the following information per module:

3. Usage:

Shows real-time detailed usage information:

  • The amount of times your LXP app was opened (in total and per day).

  • The amount of times any module (learning bite) was opened (in total and per day).

4. Upskill:

In this tab you can get insights into how your Upskill feature is performing. Who achieved which badge? Which badge/category is most popular? What does the achievement over time looks like?

You can view information per skill category and per skill. It further shows information on:

  • The amount of badges achieved over time

  • A comparison of the achievement rate of badges

  • A list of badges on the platform, who achieved them and when.

5. Progression:

In this tab you can create progression exports (.xlsx) of your platform. The data in this excel sheet is part of the daily snapshot, so to see any changes to Audience, Content or Structure you have to wait until the next day.

You have the following options for the export:

  • Select specific journeys and/or groups you created.

  • All users or active users only

  • Add "completion date" columns per module

  • Include flex fields: this is useful if you have collected user information specific for your platform (e.g. old usernames, old e-mail addresses, or the store they work at)

Please note: creating a new export may take several seconds up to a few minutes depending on the size of the export you want to create and the size of the platform.

6. Feedback:

Here you can find feedback from the user of your platform and find out how they perceive their digital academy experience. User can always give feedback via the tab "Feedback" under their profile on the platform.

The other information you see here is dependent on the surveys you have added to your platform.

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