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Getting started with tl;dv
Upload / import audio & video files from my computer
Upload / import audio & video files from my computer

Uploading and importing video and audio files into tl;dv

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For a quick way to test tl;dv, or to bring in some of your previously recorded meetings, you can upload video or audio files directly.

To get to the uploads page, click "Manage uploads" from the meeting library (or follow this link):

Then click "Select files" and choose the files you'd like to upload:

Uploaded files will be automatically transcribed, and summarized, but we don't support speaker recognition for uploads (yet πŸ˜‰ ).

Note: On the free plan, you can upload 3 files, there's no upload limit on the Pro or Enterprise plans.

We support most popular file types for video and audio, such as:


  1. MP4

  2. M4A

  3. AVI

  4. MOV

  5. MKV

  6. FLV

  7. WMV

  8. MPEG

  9. WebM


  1. WAV

  2. FLAC

  3. AAC

  4. OGG

  5. WMA

  6. AIFF

  7. ALAC

  8. MP3

Others we support:

FFmpeg Stream File

3GPP Audio File

4X Movie

Advanced Audio Coding File

ADX Audio File

ATRAC1 Audio File

Asylum Music Format Audio File

Adaptive Multi-rate Codec File

Actions Media Video

DeluxePaint Animation

CRYO Interactive APC Audio

AV1 Video

Audio Video Interleave File

Brute Force & Ignorance Video

Teeny Weeny Games Video File

Interplay C93 Video


MSN Messenger Webcam Recording

Commodore CDXL Video

Delphine Software CIN Video

Electronic Arts CMV Video


MPEG-DASH Video File

Electronic Arts DCT Video

DreamForge Intertainment Video

BBC Dirac Video

Duck TrueMotion S Video

Feeble Files Video

Dolby Digital Plus Audio

FFmpegSource2 Media Index

G.722 ADPCM Audio

H.261 Video

H.262 Video

H.263 Video

H.265 Video

Hidden Markov Model Toolkit Audio

IRCAM Sound File

FunCom ISS Audio File

Bitmap Brothers Video File

Youku KUX Video

DVR LVF Video File

Harris/Leitch Video File

MPEG-4 Audiobook

MPEG-DASH Video Segment

Security Camera Video

Motion JPEG 2000 Video

Motion JPEG Video

MSN Webcam Recorder Video

SGI Movie File

MTV Video Format File

SGI Video File

Interplay MVE Video File

Interplay MVE Video File

Motion Pixels MVI1 Video File


NUT Video File

Opus Audio File

H.261 Video File

Packed Animation File

Pictor Paint Image

BRender PIX Image

PlayStation Portable Movie

V.Flash PTX Image

Voyeur Game Video File

Escape Video File

Samsung Security Video File

Tiertex Limited SEQ Video File

SNS Video Game Audio File

Sierra On-Line Audio File

Beam Software SIFF Audio File


Electronic Arts TGQ Video File

Electronic Arts TGV Video File

8088 Corruption Video

TrueSpeech Audio File

TiVo Video Recording File

TiVo Video Recording File

Beam Games SIFF Video

Bethesda Softworks Video

Sierra VMD Video File

On2 VP5 Video File

Westwood Studios VQA Video

WAVE Audio File

WebM Audio File

WebM Video

Electronic Arts TQI Video File

Xbox Media Video File

Microsoft xWMA Compressed Audio

Microsoft xWMA Compressed Audio

YUV4MPEG2 Video File

Psygnosis YOP Video

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