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How does the monthly subscription work?
How does the monthly subscription work?
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Your Trading Combine subscription will rebill monthly from the sign-up date until you pass. The Trading Combine subscription automatically ends once you pass, and there is no monthly subscription fee in the Express Funded Account. To check your upcoming rebill date or manage your subscription, click here: My Topstep Dashboard - Billing.

How long does it take to pass the Trading Combine and earn a Funded Account?

  • You can pass the Trading Combine and earn a Funded Account in as little as 2 days (thanks to the Consistency Target), but there's no set time frame for passing the Trading Combine. Your Trading Combine subscription will renew monthly until you pass and earn the Express Funded Account or cancel your subscription.

What happens to my subscription if I reset my account or break a rule?

  • Your Trading Combine doesn't automatically close or cancel if you break a rule. If you break a rule (hit the Maximum Loss Limit) in your Trading Combine, that account becomes ineligible for funding until it's reset, but it won't change or alter your subscription rebill date.

  • Resetting your account won't have any impact on your subscription rebill date. It's separate from your monthly Trading Combine subscription fee and can be purchased at any time without impacting your billing cycle.

If you've broken the Maximum Loss Limit in your Trading Combine, we'll reset your account for no additional fee on the billing date after your rebill payment is processed. Learn more about the Reset-at-Rebill here.

Can I put my Trading Combine subscription on hold?

  • No, a Trading Combine cannot be paused or put on hold due to system limitations. The subscription renews monthly until you pass the Trading Combine and earn your Express Funded Account, or until you decide to cancel.

  • Since there's no time limit for completing the Trading Combine, you can keep your subscription active while you're away (remember, you'll still be billed monthly), or you can cancel it. If you cancel, any progress on the account will be lost, but you can sign up again when you're ready to trade.

I just opened a new Trading Combine. Will my other one automatically close?

No, starting a new Trading Combine won't automatically close other active Trading Combines. You can have multiple Trading Combine accounts under the same Topstep profile. Learn more about trading on multiple Trading Combines here: Can I have more than one active account?

When do I need to pass my Trading Combine to avoid being rebilled again?

If you want to avoid being rebilled after you pass your Trading Combine, your Trade Report needs to reflect that you've passed before your Trading Combine subscription rebill date. For example, if your rebill date is on the 5th of each month, you'll need to pass your Trading Combine before the trading day ends on the 4th to avoid being rebilled.

I use PayPal, is there anything I should be aware of?

PayPal can be used as an alternative to credit or debit cards for monthly rebilling, as well as Reset purchases. For PayPal users, you will see your monthly subscription process one day before your rebill date. PayPal can only be used for your subscription when purchasing a new Trading Combine; if the rebill is missed for any reason, you will need to change your payment method to a credit or debit card.

If I break a rule a few days after my monthly subscription fee is paid, do I get the Reset-at-Rebill?

No, if you break a rule after the monthly subscription fee has been paid, you will not be eligible for the Reset-at-Rebill. To be eligible for the Reset-at-Rebill, your Trade Report must show there's a broken rule before the monthly subscription fee is processed.

If I break a rule does my Trading Combine subscription automatically cancel or close?

No, if you break a rule in your Trading Combine, the account will not automatically close or cancel. The Trading Combine is a monthly subscription that rebills each month until you pass or cancel. Learn more about the subscription and rule violations here: How does the monthly subscription work?

What payment methods are accepted for the Trading Combine?

You can pay for your Trading Combine with a credit card, debit card, or PayPal.

What does the Trading Combine cost?

The cost of the Trading Combine varies by the account size.

  • A 50K Trading Combine Account is $49 per month

  • A 100K Trading Combine Account is $99 per month

  • A 150K Trading Combine Account is $149 per month

If I don't pass the Trading Combine in 30 days, do I have to pay again?

The Trading Combine is an automatic monthly subscription that rebills every 30 days. If you don't pass the Trading Combine in the first 30 days, or at any point during your subscription, you will be automatically rebilled each month until you pass the Trading Combine or cancel your monthly subscription.

If I pass the Trading Combine but can't pay the Activation Fee right away, will I be rebilled again?

You will not be rebilled for the monthly subscription fee after passing the Trading Combine, even if you can't pay your Activation Fee immediately after passing. Once you pass the Trading Combine, your monthly rebill payments are automatically turned off.

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