What is the Reset?
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What is a Reset?

A Reset provides you with a new trading account where everything has reset back to the original starting balance. This includes the Account Balance, Maximum Loss Limit, Consistency Target, and the days traded.

  • Anytime you break the Maximum Loss Limit in your Trading Combine, that account will become ineligible for funding and require a Reset to become eligible again.

  • You can Reset your account at any point during your subscription. This allows you to change the status of your account from ineligible to eligible, or you can Reset an eligible account that you want a fresh start on. You can purchase a Reset through your Dashboard at Topstep.com.

Hitting your Daily Loss Limit or Maximum Loss Limit will auto-liquidate your account for the remainder of that trading day. This means any orders will be rejected for the rest of the remainder of the trading day.

Once the markets reopen, you can trade in the account again, but it's important to note the distinction between the Daily Loss Limit and Maximum Loss Limit.

  • If you hit your Maximum Loss Limit, the account will remain ineligible for funding until it's Reset, but you can still trade on the account for practice once the markets reopen. (We recommend trading on your Practice Account instead).

  • If you hit your Daily Loss Limit, the following trading day you can trade in the account again and it will be eligible for funding (no Reset required) since hitting the Daily Loss Limit is not a rule violation.

Purchasing a Reset of your Trading Combine will not move or change your monthly subscription rebill date, nor will it allow you to change Trading Platforms or account size. You can see the full details about how the Trading Combine subscription works here: How does the monthly subscription work?

There are no limits to how many Resets you can use in the Trading Combine.
You can reset your account anytime by clicking "Reset Account" on your Trader Dashboard.

What is the cost of a Reset?

Reset prices vary per account size.

  • 50K Reset costs $49

  • ​100K Reset costs $99

  • 150K Reset costs $149​

Can I reset an Express Funded or Live Funded Account?

No, you cannot Reset an Express Funded or Live Funded Account. Click here for more info about rule violations in a Funded Account: Funded Rule Violation FAQ

What is the Reset-at-Rebill?

If you've hit or exceeded the Maximum Loss Limit in your Trading Combine, we'll reset your account for free after your rebill payment is processed. To receive the Reset at Rebill, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Ineligible Account before rebill date - Your Trade Report must show that you've broken the Maximum Loss Limit one trading day before your rebill date – in order for the Reset-at-Rebill to apply to your Trading Combine.

  • Active Trading Combine subscription - You will not receive a Reset-at-Rebill if your Trading Combine subscription is "off" or canceled, so check your subscription status via your billing page to make sure the subscription is active before your rebill date.

  • Paid Rebill Subscription - The Reset-at-Rebill occurs automatically only after your monthly subscription payment has been processed successfully.

We never assume what a trader wants to do with their account, so the Reset-at-Rebill only applies to accounts with a broken rule.

For Example, if your Trading Combine has a negative balance (your balance is 49K on a 50K account) but you didn't exceed the Maximum Loss Limit rule, then your account is still eligible for funding and you will not receive the Reset-at-Rebill.

Does resetting my account change my subscription rebill date?

  • No, resetting your account does not change your Trading Combine subscription rebill date or prevent it from occurring. Your monthly subscription for the Trading Combine is billed on the same date each month until you earn funding or cancel regardless of any Resets you've purchased.

  • Learn more about rule breaks and your subscription here: If I break a rule, does my Trading Combine® automatically close?

How can I get a free reset?

In addition to the Reset-at-Rebill, we sometimes offer free Resets on TopstepTV and through our newsletter. Stay tuned to TopstepTV and subscribe to our newsletter to be the first to know.

How do I reset my account?

You can reset your Trading Combine account anytime by logging into your Dashboard and clicking the "Reset" button on your Trade Report.

How do I redeem a Reset credit from the Trader Support Team?

If you want to use or redeem a Reset credit, please follow these steps to connect with our Trader Support Team. Please keep in mind that Reset credits are occasionally given to traders by the Trader Support Team and must be processed on our end. They are not given out during promotional giveaways and you will not be given a code to use.

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