Jigsaw daytradr Connection Instructions
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If you need help setting up your platform you can find more help here. If you would like to know if it's possible to run Jigsaw on a MAC computer, please contact their support team.

Please note that to connect to Jigsaw and Rithmic Trader, you will need to enable the Rithmic Trader Plug-In. Steps on how to enable that plug-in in your Jigsaw Trader Platform are listed below.

First, you will need to purchase the daytradr platform from Jigsaw. Click here for purchase information.

After purchasing the daytradr platform, please enter your license key and click activate. (The License Key can be entered by clicking File -> Licensing)


Enter your Jigsaw username and password into the Configuration Options window and click OK.


Click the connection manager icon on the daytradr menu to open Connection Manager -- it looks like this:


To define a new connection, click the triangle icon next to "New" and select the Rithmic connection type.

Connection: Topstep

Description: Topstep

User Name: (found in Topstep Account Information email)

Password: (found in Topstep Account Information email)

Server: Select Topstep Combine

Days to load on startup: Number of days trade history to load when connecting


Make sure 'Login via R|Trader Pro' is also check-marked


Once you have defined the connection, click the “OK” button. On the Connection Manager click "Connect" to establish a connection.


Once you are connected to the data feed on the Connection Manager, select Download Instruments. This is where you will choose the exchange you wish to trade.


Once you have selected the data permissible under the Trading Combine Rules, the data will be downloaded and you will be able to trade with live data.

Jigsaw has an extensive FAQ page as well as one-on-one support via email which you can access by clicking the links below.

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