You can organize and filter your Travefy trips in a myriad of ways.

Travefy offers these filter categories:

  • By Owner

  • By Type

  • By Date

  • By Status (Quote, Confirmed, Paid, and custom Statuses if you choose)

  • By Archived Status

By selecting a filter, it will then hide trips that don’t match that criteria.

For example, when checking the box for the Upcoming filter, all trips that are not Upcoming are then hidden from view and you will only see Upcoming trips.

Filters are additive within Category, so when clicking on more than one under a Category (Owner, Type, Date, etc), all trips matching the criteria of the filters will show. So if we check both Upcoming and In Progress, trips that are either Upcoming or In Progress trips will show.

Filters are also reductive outside of Category, so when clicking on a filter outside of a single category, all those will be applied. So if we check Upcoming, In Progress, and Proposal, only Upcoming and In Progress Proposals will show.

Try it for yourself!

On Status

Travefy automatically includes three statuses, but these can be changed or removed. Users can have up to 7 statuses. To learn more about Statuses, editing them, or creating new ones, click here.

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