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Importing Bookings from Project Expedition

To use Travefy's Booking Import function with Project Expedition you must have an Access Token

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To use Travefy's Booking Import function with Project Expedition, you must first generate an Access Token within your Project Expedition Account. 

How to Generate an Access Token

1. Log into Project Expedition

You can do so here.

Not registered with Project Expedition yet? Register by clicking here to start earning commission and booking for your clients.

2. Select "Integrations" 

3. Select "Generate Token"

Now that you've generated an Access Token, you have to input it into a Booking event within a Travefy itinerary.

Where do I put the Access Token within Travefy?

1. Go to the trip builder

You can get to the trip builder by clicking on the Edit button on the Expanded Trip Sidebar.

2. Click on New Event

3. Click on Booking Event

Select Booking from the drop-down menu.

3. Select Project Expedition

Select Project Expedition from the drop-down menu.

4. Paste in the Token

Paste the Access Token and click on Sign in to Project Expedition.

As a note, to use this feature you must also have a Travel Agent account registered with Project Expedition. You can find the registration page here.

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