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What happens if my Travefy subscription payment fails?
What happens if my Travefy subscription payment fails?

Learn what happens if your Credit or Debit Card Payment fails.

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Sometimes payments made from Credit or Debit Cards attached to one's Travefy Account fail. 

We understand this happens and have a system in place to ensure no immediate disruption of service for you or your customers.

  • If your payment fails, you'll immediately receive an email from the Travefy team to assist you in adding a new form of payment, including several follow-up reminders. 

  • If you haven't updated your payment after 15 days, the Travefy system will automatically shut down your account and all associate features and your clients will lose access to their itineraries. 

  • Learn more about updating your payment method information here.

  • At that point, you can still come back to Travefy and reactivate your account at any time in the future. To do so, you would of course have to pay to be current on your account (e.g., pay the overdue month).

  • Learn more about reactivating your account here.

As a note, if a user has three consecutive months of failed payments, Travefy reserves the right to offer that customer annual plans only. 

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