Travefy's booking confirmation email works for importing reservations that were booked directly with airlines, hotels or car rental companies.

Please note: The booking confirmation email import does not work with wholesalers, complicated FIT itineraries or supplier PDF documents.

 If you are a Travefy Professional user, you can simply forward travel confirmation emails from our supported list of providers to your trip-specific email address and we’ll automatically add it to your itinerary in a beautiful, easy to read format.

Follow the steps below to import booking confirmations:

Step 1: Find Trip Specific Email Address

Each itinerary has a trip specific email address! You can find the trip-specific email address in two places now:

1. When adding flights:In the itinerary builder, click on +New Event, then Flights and you will see the option to view the "Booking Confirmation". Click there and the email will be exposed. 

2. When adding lodging: In the itinerary builder, click on the +New Event button, then Lodging and you will see the option to send booking confirmation emails. 

2. Forward the Original Booking Confirmation Email to the Trip Specific Email Address

Forward original booking confirmation emails to the trip specific email address, which is shown above. Remember, the booking confirmation email that you want to import must be from the original supplier in HTML email format! 

Be sure not make any edits or copy/pasting of the original supplier confirmation. Travefy's importing system needs to be able to recognize the original supplier format and template. 

(Please Note: PDF's, documents and quotes are NOT currently supported)

Once Travefy receives the booking confirmation email, the system will automatically review the format of the template to identify if it is from one of Travefy’s 1,500 supported suppliers. If the booking confirmation is supported, it will be imported automatically to your itinerary within 2-3 minutes or sooner.

If the booking confirmation is not from a supplier or the system does not recognize the format, Travefy will notify you that it could not be imported via an in-app notification and an email. 

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