In your Travefy account, you can add Viator Tour information into any Proposals and Itineraries with ease! To learn how to add your Viator booking information into your Proposals and Itineraries, please follow along with the simple steps listed below!

If you are new to Viator, you can create a free Travel Agent's account at

1. You will want to first go into your Linked Accounts tab in your Travefy account

Once you are in your account's settings, click on Linked Accounts on the left-hand side of your screen.

2. Next, click the switch on the bottom left of the box marked Viator

This will turn on the ability for you to access the Viator option within Travefy, and will turn blue when enabled.

3. Once you have made these changes in your account settings, you will be able to go into the Trip Builder - select to add a Tour event - and search for the Viator option 

  • If you have NOT turned on the Viator option in your settings and try to add a Viator Tour, you will see this option listed. 

  • You will just simply need to go back to your account settings and turn on the Viator option to proceed.  

4. To add the specific Viator Tour to your Itinerary or Proposal, you will want to go to the Travel Agent's Viator Website and select the correct tour that you would like to add.

To access the Travel Agent's site, you can go to From there you can search for the tour or activity you wish to add. If you have not signed up for Travel Agent's account, you can register for a free account directly on this website.

5. Next, Locate the Viator product code to insert in Travefy

You can find the product code in two places:

In the Product Details: Find the product code on the product page under the reviews in the "Questions" section.

In the URL: The same product code is available at the very end of the product's URL after the hyphen.

6. Once you have copied the product code, you will want to come back to your Travefy trip builder and paste the product code into the Tour Event

  • Once you have pasted the product code into the Tour event, you will want to select the Get Itinerary button. 

  • You will then see the Tour Information that will be added to the itinerary. To add this information to the itinerary, you will simply click on the Add To Itinerary button. 

7. Once you have gone through these steps, you will see your Viator Tour information added into your itinerary

These are all of the steps that you would need to successfully add your Viator Tour to your itineraries and Proposals. 

Questions? Chat us in the live chat within your account or send us an email at

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