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Managing Form Responses
Managing Form Responses

Learn more about how to manage responses from your travelers completed Forms.

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Once you've finished making a form in Travefy and sent the form to your clients, the responses will come in!

For how to make a form, read here first.

For how to send your forms, read here.

You'll be notified of any form responses with an email like the one below. You can click on the link in the email, which will take you straight to the form response, but you can view it other ways.

Form responses can be found in two places:

A. The Form itself

Here's how to find the form response in the form itself:

1. Go to the form

Go to the form you'd like to view the responses for.

2. Click on Responses

Go to the Responses tab to view the form responses.

B. The Contact Profile

Here's how to find a client's form responses in their profile

1. Go to the Contact's profile

2. Click on Forms

Click on the Forms tab to view form responses from the client, as well as what forms were sent to them.

Some form responses will have to be assigned to a new contact or to an existing contact. It's easy! Just click on Assign to New Contact while in the Responses tab of the form.

Deleting Form Responses

Deleting form responses is easy! Just go to the form response in either the form itself or the contact's profile, and click on Delete, or the red trash can when viewing. That will delete the form response.

While in the form:

While in the contact profile:

Questions? Chat with us in the live chat within your account or send us an email at

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