Once you have gone ahead and made your own custom Form you will be able to share and send your forms to your clients in several different ways.

(If you would like to learn how to create a new Form please click here).

To start sending and sharing your forms, you will want to follow these following steps:

1. You will want to go into your Library Tab and select the Form you want to send.

2. Once you have selected the Form, you will then want to select the Send tab of the Form window.

3. Once in the Send tab, you will be able to add contacts from your Contact Library by simply typing their name or email into the To field bar.

Additionally, if you have not added a clients information to the Contact Library, you will be able to still add them as a respondent by entering in their email into the To field.

You will be able to copy and paste the link to share with your Travelers.

Or you can click on the link box which will copy to your clipboard.

Whichever option you select, the respondents will be asked to provide their name and email when completing the form.

Questions? Chat us in the live chat within your account or send us an email at Professional@Travefy.com.

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