Forms is a feature that will allow you to create your own custom questionnaire to capture client information and travel preferences! 

See below for instructions on how to use Forms and let us know what you think! 

How To Access Forms 

1. Sign into your Travefy account. 

2. Go to your Library tab. 

3. Once in the Library, Select the New Library Item button.

4. Select the Form option. 

5.Once in the Form window you are able to title your form and add questions that you would like your clients to complete. 

6. Set up the type of answer for each answer (i.e. Short, Long, Yes/No, Multiple Choice answers).

7. Before saving this information you will be able to preview the form that you have created and will send to your clients by selecting the preview button. Once you previewed it and are happy with how it looks you will be able to save the form. 

8. Once saved, you will be able to share the form directly with your chosen client by finding them within your Contact's library and using the ‘Send Form’ button at the top of their contact details.

9. You will be able to review your clients responses to their forms in their Contact section in the Contact Library. You will then want to select the Forms tab to view their response.  
You will also receive a email notification once the client has completed their Form and submitted it.

*** At this time, Travefy does not recommend collecting and storing passport numbers/social security numbers/ etc. using Travefy’s new form system.
 Travefy is a secure platform, however recognizing the outsized sensitivity of such information our team will be releasing special fields with additional layers of security in the future for that type of information. ***

Questions? Chat us in the live chat within your account or send us an email at

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