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Trip Feedback Overview
Trip Feedback Overview

Gathering feedback on trips that clients have taken

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What are Trip Feedback requests?

Travefy supports automated feedback request emails to clients once their trip is over. With this update, users will experience the following:

  • Travelers invited to a trip will receive an automated email from Travefy asking them to rate their trip and provide additional feedback

  • Agents can easily view the feedback results in Travefy

  • Agents can also easily turn feedback requests on / off as necessary

More information on Trip Feedback requests and how to manage this feature in your Travefy account are in the links below!

Some FAQs on Trip Feedback:

How are Trip Feedback requests sent?

If Feedback Requests are turned on for your trip, they will be sent by email approximately 2-3 days after a trip is completed to any contacts who were invited to the trip.

Who receives a Trip Feedback request?

Only clients invited to a trip will receive the feedback email request.

What information is collected in the Trip Feedback request?

Clients receiving a trip feedback request will receive an email with a brief survey asking them to rate their overall trip experience.

Upon clicking one of the emojis, they will be prompted to enter any additional feedback they have (this is optional). Users can view results once a client clicks Submit Responses.

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