Setting up your Tramada Integration

How to integrate with Tramada

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To push trips from Tramada into Travefy, a quick setup is required. Follow the steps below!

1. Confirm Authorization

Click the link below to confirm authorizing access for Tramada and your Travefy account.

You'll be taken to a page that looks the same as below. Click on Confirm Authorization.

2. Confirm Email Address

Ensure that the email address under Consultant Details in your Tramada account is an exact match to your Travefy username. Those details can be found in your Tramada account by clicking Home > Consultant Setup.

Once that's completed and you hear back from Tramada letting you know that the integration is complete, you can then import bookings.

Click here to learn how to import bookings with Tramada!

Note: While Travefy does not charge a fee to use this integration, Tramada may charge fees for the usage on their end. We recommend checking with your Tramada rep for additional information.

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