Pushing Tramada trips into Travefy
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To push a Tramada trip into Travefy, first follow the steps listed here.

Continue reading below for how to push a Tramada trip into Travefy!

1. Ensure Email Addresses Match

Ensure that Consultant 1 on the booking that you are sending to Travefy is the consultant whose email matches the Travefy account that you are trying to push to, and that has already authorized Tramada on Travefy.

This can be found in the booking's Profile, as shown below.

2. Select Documents

Select Documents from the booking side menu.

3. Issue New Itinerary

Select Itinerary & Costing - Full from the dropdown menu, and then click Issue New.

4. Select Travefy and Select All

Select Travefy in the Itinerary Type menu, and then click Select All for the booking segments.

Note: The exact name of the Itinerary type that is configured by Tramada to push bookings to Travefy may be different from what is listed below. If you do not see an Itinerary Type for Travefy, please reach out to installs@tramada.com to confirm your Tramada account has been configured to push bookings to Travefy.

5. Click Issue

Scroll to the bottom of the segments list, and click Issue.

After giving the request a moment to process, the trip will appear in your Travefy account!

Note: You may need to refresh the page on Travefy.

While Travefy does not charge a fee to use this integration, Tramada may charge fees for the usage on their end. We recommend checking with your Tramada rep for additional information.

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