Using E-Signatures on your Travefy Forms

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E-Signatures are a great way to verify and confirm important information when using Travefy's forms.

When you have the E-Signature option enabled on your form (click here for how to do so), it can be sent the same way as a form without the E-Signature attached.

The difference between a form with an E-Signature and a form without one is only visible when the form is sent as a link.

When a form is sent as a link, the traveler will have to complete an email verification step in order to fill out the form.

Here's what that looks like:

When the client first clicks on a link to open a form with an E-Signature, they will be taken to this screen:

They will have to enter their name and email address, click on Continue, and then a verification code will be sent to their submitted email address.

Here's an example of the email they receive:

By entering the code sent to their email address, the form will open and they can then enter and submit their responses.

Note: If sending a Credit Card Authorization Form, Default Values will have to be added in order to send the form as a link.

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