(NEW) Travefy Proposal Workflow & Agreement Form Updates

Learn about the latest changes coming to Travefy's Proposal workflow and how to implement agreement forms.

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January 25, 2024 – Get excited for new improvements to Travefy's platform that will enhance your proposal workflow and introduce a new form agreement structure!

These changes are designed to save you time and streamline you and your client's experience for a more efficient sales workflow. In this article, we'll walk you through the key updates.

πŸ” Enhanced Client E-Signature Verification

Previously, when your client approved a proposal, a modal appeared where they can type their name and email address as their e-signature. Now, this will still perform the same, but we'll have the client verify their email address to confirm their identity.

The client will then receive an email with a 6-digit code to access the proposal and e-sign the agreement form or form that you set up in your account (see more about this below). Once your client approves the proposal, they will receive another email with a PDF copy of their proposal and you will also be notified via email that they've approved it.

πŸ“‹ Setting Up Your Own Proposal Agreement Form

You're now able to choose your own form to use on all client proposals when clients click to approve the proposal! This includes the ability to add credit card authorization and any other questions you want to include. Here's a quick breakdown:

  1. Setup Form in your Account Setting: Go to your Account > Settings and there will be an option under "Proposal Agreement Form" to create a new form or select one you've already created.

  2. Create or Choose Your Form: With this form, you can customize to include any questions you would like, including the credit card authorization and e-signature.

πŸ’‘ Quick Notes: If you set up a proposal agreement form in your settings, this will be the form sent to all proposals. If you would like to send a specific form on a proposal, we recommend turning the proposal into an itinerary and linking or sending the form separately to your client.

If you don't select an agreement form in your settings, Travefy will automatically send a form only asking them to e-sign for approval.

✨ Viewing Client Proposal Agreements

Similar to viewing forms that your clients have completed, you're now able to access and view submitted proposal agreements in Contacts and associate proposal agreement forms with specific trips.

  1. If a Client Contact Profile Already Setup: If you have a profile for your client already set up, you'll be able to view the completed proposal agreement under "Forms".

  2. If a Contact Profile Not Setup: If you receive a proposal agreement form and you haven't set up a contact profile for that client, you can access the form responses in your Library and create a new contact to add the form in. Click here to see how this works.

πŸ’‘ Quick Note: You can always access a PDF document of the client's approved proposal within the Trip Summary of your Trip's sidebar.

πŸ”” What Happens to Previous Proposals?

Proposals that are shared with clients before January 25, 2024 will automatically be set with the e-signature form as shown in the example at the top of this article. Your client will be asked to verify their identity via email to complete the e-signature agreement.

How to turn off this option:

If you don't wish to have your client go through an e-signature process, you can create a new form without the e-signature option turned on and set that form to be your default in your account settings.

Questions? Chat with our support team directly in your account or send us an email to Professional@Travefy.com.

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