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Landing Page vs. Website
Landing Page vs. Website
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How Does a Landing Page Differ from a Website?

While a website typically serves as a comprehensive online presence with multiple pages, a landing page is a standalone page created for a focused purpose. Websites often contain various sections like about us, services, and contact, while a landing page typically is streamlined and avoids distractions.

Can I Integrate Landing Pages into my Travefy website?

Certainly! Within Travefy's "Pages" section, you can create a new Website that seamlessly integrates various Landing Pages into your Home Page. Each landing page maintains the same functionalities and features found on any other page.

For more information on how to link your Pages in Travefy, check out this helpful article: [Linking Pages].

How can I use my Domain in my Travefy Website?

If you already own a domain, Travefy enables you to utilize it, adding a personalized touch to your website. For detailed instructions on how to use your domain within your Travefy website, please refer to this article [Domain Masking].

Can a Landing Page be part of a Website?

Yes, a landing page can be seamlessly integrated into a website. It's important to note that across all new pages in Travefy, you'll encounter identical functionalities and features, maintaining a uniform and user-friendly experience.

Can a Landing Page Coexist with a Pre-existing Website?

Absolutely! Even if you have an external website, Travefy empowers you to create new landing pages for marketing, advertising trips, promoting destination weddings, cruises, or any other preferred purpose. You can easily grab the link from each landing page and share it on your main website or on any other platform you prefer.

How Can I use my Domain for Travefy Landing Pages if I Already Have a Website?

Travefy facilitates the use of your existing domain for landing pages. Follow the steps outlined in this article [Masking as a Sub-Domain] to seamlessly integrate your domain with your Travefy landing pages.

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