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Automating a Trip Chat Message
Automating a Trip Chat Message
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An automated trip chat message can be created in two places: the Trip Sidebar, and the Task Menu.

For the example below, we're creating an automated trip chat message in the Tasks and Automation tab, the first photo will show the Add button as it appears in the Tasks and Automations tab in the Trip Sidebar, but the Add button also appears in a Contact Profile!

For more information on automations, be sure to read the Automations Overview.

1. Click Add

Click on Add in the top right corner of the Tasks area.

2. Click Automation

Once you've clicked on Add, some options will appear. Click on Automation.

3. Select Trip Chat Message under Automation Type

In the Automation Menu, click on Trip Chat Message.

4. Type your message

Type the message you'd like sent to your clients in the trip.

5. Set Date/Time

Select the desired date and time for the message to be sent to your client.

You can either have a fixed date, as shown below:

Or you can have an automatic time, sent a certain number of days before or after the trip end date or start date.

Note: Automations will not send the message if a date and time are not set.

7. Click Done

Once you've added all the desired information, click on Done in the top right corner of the Automation Menu.

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