Importing Trips from Tres to Travefy

How to import trips and booking from Tres to your Travefy account.

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Travefy is excited to partner with Tres Technologies so that Tres users can import trips directly into their Travefy account! Follow the steps below to import your client's trips:

1. Log into your Tres account

You can do so by going to

2. Search for the Traveler

Once logged into your Tres account, you can search for the traveler in the top-right Quick Search bar. Once they appear, click on their name to open their information.

3. Click on Trips

Next, click Trips on the left-hand menu to open their trip information. Then, click on the trip you wish to import into Travefy.

4. Copy the Trip Number

Once the trip is open, you will copy the "Trip Number" to use in Travefy to import the trip information.

This number will be displayed at the end of the URL, as shown here:

5. Go to Travefy

Log in to your Travefy account.

6. Go to the trip builder

You can get to the trip builder by clicking on the Edit button on the Expanded Trip Sidebar.

7. Click on New Event

8. Click on Booking Event

Select Booking from the drop-down menu.

9. Select Tres

Select Tres from the drop-down menu.

10. Sign In

Enter your information and click on Sign in to Tres.

11. Paste the Trip Number

Paste the Trip Number we copied earlier, and click on Get Booking.

12. Click +Add to Itinerary

This will add the booking into your trip! :)

Questions? Email our support team at or live chat us from your Travefy account.

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