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Membership Plans & Attendance Packs
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Q: How do I set up Memberships or Attendance Packs?

Q: When to use a membership vs an attendance pack (punch card)?

A: This will truly depend on the specifics around what you are selling. In most cases, any “non-recurring” purchase that is not identified by some sort of contract or term would be best set up as an attendance pack. Memberships are specifically designed for automatic recurring payments, contracted plans, and plans with specific term lengths (3, 6, 9, 12 months, etc).

A few examples of use cases for Attendance Packs (punch card):

More common use cases for memberships:

  • Unlimited monthly recurring billing

  • 3,6,12 month contract plans

  • Monthly locker/childcare billing

  • PIF memberships

Q: What is a membership billing period?

A: How often would you would like to bill the member? Weekly, every 2 weeks, monthly, every 2 months, one time per year, etc.

Q: Should I set a term date if I am using a billing period, but don’t necessarily have a contracted time for the plan, etc.

A: No, if you do not need a plan to “End” and “Restart” after a certain number of payments, I suggest you do not use a term date. Ultimately, not using terms will make things like plan modifications much easier as you don’t have to worry about the modifications being made on each new plan set to start in the future.

Q: Do I have to have a plan contract?

A: No, unless you are issuing an actual contracted plan, then a contract is not necessary. Often times gyms will use their waiver to display their cancellation policy specifically eliminating the contract plan for general month to month memberships etc.

Q: Why would a contract be necessary or important to have signed?

A: Just like anything, if you have a member committing to a specific amount of time at a specific rate, a contract is necessary to keep the terms of these grounds fair and make sure everyone is agreed to what is being sold/purchased. It is very helpful to have a signed contract on file if a customer decides to dispute a charge 7 months into a 12-month contract. With the signed contract you have the ability to submit this evidence to Stripe for review with details around their plan start date and end date and with that, the bank could then reverse the dispute and settle it in your favor.

Q: Can I sell Memberships and Attendance Packs online?

A: Absolutely! We give gyms the ability to determine if they want to enable “Online Sign up”. Once you have turned this feature on for any option you are now able to provide a direct URL to clients for purchasing.

To access these URL’s specifically you would want to go to your admin dashboard -> Triib Settings -> Triib URL’s -> Member Sign Up Pages.

These URL’s are also often created as buttons on gym websites to direct clients right to the sign-up page.

Q: What happens when a client signs up online for a membership?

A: For the Admin:

  • The admin will receive an immediate email with plan details

  • A message is provided in the Messaging Center to alert you of the new member

  • The member info is added to your Newly Joined Report
    The member reflects on your Membership Change Report

A2: For the Member:

  • If you have attached a welcome email to the membership plan; the member will get a “Welcome email” based on the Triib Template or customized by the gym containing their login and password.

  • The member will have access to the app, member profile, and class schedule, workout display on the date their membership status goes to “Active”

Q: Do my coaches need a membership?

A: Most gyms do put their coaches on a membership, yes. This gives the coaches the ability to check into classes they may be taking, but not coaches, record scores, and generally be a part of your community. ** It is important to keep a general idea of how many coaches or free memberships you in order to have an accurate count of active members.

Q: Is there anywhere I can see all the members on a specific membership?

A: Yes- the Membership Type Breakdown Report is the best report to view this specific information. To access this report you will want to go to your Admin Dashboard -> Reports-> Memberships -> Membership Type Breakdown.

Q: Where can I see any upcoming renewing or expiring membership plans?

A: The best report to see this information would be the “Renewing/Expiring Membership Report” To access this report you will go to your Admin Dashboard -> Reports -> Memberships -> Renewing/Expiring Members. ** It is important to know that at this time upcoming plans that have set to be canceled manually do not display on this report. Only memberships with an end date or upcoming start dates!

Q: Can my members see their upcoming invoices or past payment invoices?

A: Yes! If your members log into the desktop version of their member profile they will have access to many different settings and functionality. One of these is their current and past invoices! This can take the work off of you admins when having to print insurance documentation or work benefits reimbursement statements! They will have the ability to access these whenever they need it! These files can be printed and/or saved for ease of submission!


Q: I want all of my memberships to bill on the first of the month, is this possible?

A: Yes! Triib gives you the ability to set 1 of 3 settings for billing date: 1st , 15th, or the day the member signs up.

So, what's the difference?

Q: Can I add a discount to my member's membership?

A: Yes, you have the ability to add discounts in a couple of different ways.

  • Apply the discount at the time an admin signs the member up- this is done at the member profile level when adding the plan initially.


Once you have added the discount, you can then choose how long you would like for it to be applied. If you would like it ongoing, do not enter anything in this field.

Q: Can I modify an active membership?

A: Yes! We give you multiple options when needing to modify a membership plan. To do this you will want to go directly to the active membership you would like to modify or to the future membership you are looking to modify and you will select the yellow “modify” button. From here you will have the option to:

  • Change who is paying for the Plan

  • Change (Edit/Remove) Discount

  • Change Plan Billing Day - future billing periods only

  • Add Hold

Q: Can a parent's account pay for a child’s account?

A: Yes! When adding a membership you will select “ Is this member paid for by another member?” If modifying a membership you will select “Change who is paying for the Plan”. It is important to have already created the account that will be the responsible party and added the payment method and you will need to select this member at this time!

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