Once you've captured the prospects information, you now need to know where to find it and what to do with it.

On your Triib Dashboard you will see the word Prospects, click on Prospects and it will take you to all of your prospects.


Alternatively, you can also go to Members > Prospects.

Now you that you have the report, you can click on the name and add notes, send an email, add follow up information and much more. You can also immediately create them as a member and assign them a membership.

Note: The system is not set up for two way communication with the prospect. You can send them an email but you will not receive one inside Triib.

How to Capture Prospects

Capturing prospects can be done a couple of different ways:

1 - Triib Contact Form (more Information URL) Triib Settings > Triib URLs > Contact Link. Learn how to customize the Contact Us Page to capture prospects.

2 - More Information Form on the Kiosk

When an individual taps MORE INFO on the Kiosk screen, they'll be prompted to fill out a contact form.

3 - Manually add a prospect

Select Members > Prospects > Add Prospect

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