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Email Template for Multi-Channel Messages
Email Template for Multi-Channel Messages

Various ways to create messaging templates for Multi-Channel Messages

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When sending a Multi-Channel Message, you might have common messages that you send out like cancelled classes or marketing of an upcoming event. 

You can easily create an email template that will save the message for email, text and in-app message. 

There are 2 ways to create these types of templates, let's take a look at both options.

How to Create the template for immediate use and save for later: 

Step 1 - Click on Multi-Channel Messaging and type in your message under the channels you would like this message sent.
Step 2 - Once completed, click Save Template.
If you need to make changes to this template later , you can find the template under Messaging > Email Templates > Newsletters/Announcements

How to Create the template for later use: 

Step 1 - Click Messaging and then Email Templates and Newsletter/Announcements
Step 2 -
Click Add a New Email Template
Step 3 - Enter in the messages
that apply for this template.
Note: These templates are only able to be used in Multi-Channel Message. You cannot use this template under Compose a Text or Compose App Message. You can; however, use these templates for Compose Email. 

In order to create effective templates, here are a few tips:
1 - Variables should only be used in the body of messages and not in subject headers. Learn More about Variables
2 - You can add in pictures, links, bullet points, videos. Have fun and create any type of email you want.
3 - Want a button? Create one!  Use any picture you want, import it and then add a URL to that picture. 

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