The Class List Dashboard shows the members who have RSVP'd and checked into your classes for an entire day. You can also view a No Show Report.

To open the Class List Dashboard, select Dashboard > Class List Dashboard.

The Class List Dashboard will open to today's date; however, you can navigate to yesterday or tomorrow.

RSVP or Check-In a Member:

To check a member into class as an admin, type a name under Look Up Member, select a class, select a check-in type (rsvp or check-in), and hit the orange Check-In Member button.

View Class List:

On the right side of the Class List Dashboard, you'll see any classes that already have members with RSVPs to those classes. Click on one of the class times to immediately jump down the page to that class. Here, you can also Check-In members who have RSVP'd.

Once you navigate to the class, you'll see RSVP'd on the left, Waitlist under it, and Checked In to the right.

  • Click Remove to take someone off the RSVP list or remove under the Check-In list to remove them from the class.

  • Click CSV or PDF to download the class list. You can print this out as well.

No Show Report: Click View No Show Report to view any members that RSVP'd but did not show up to class. Learn more about the No Show Report

How can the display of the member status in the Class List Dashboard help me run my gym?

The status allows admins/coaches the ability to address any issues/situations that may be going on in a member's account that is currently checked into your gym.

How can the Class List Dashboard help admins and coaches?


A: This feature in Triib creates a high level and effective view of what exactly is going on in your gym day by day by providing you with the ability to:

  • See the Join date + Birthday of a checked-in member so the proper celebration can be made!

  • See the date the RSVP was created.

  • Quickly check-in or remove RSVP'd members

  • See the status of RSVP'd and Checked In members

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