Active Member count is determined by a combination between Memberships, Attendance Packs, and Appointment Packs.

This will vary based on how your specific gym has been set up inside of the Triib Platform. This is not a matter of what is right or wrong, but what is important is to know is how this information is translated to reports and other areas of the platform such as revenue per member, length of engagement, monthly growth (+/- members).


  • If your Active Members = Memberships only, then your Attendance Packs / Appointment Packs are set up not to count toward active member count.

  • If you have a free trial attendance pack, you may not want to count that towards your active member count. If you find that it is counting towards the active member count and you don't want it to, go to Attendance Packs > Click Pack Name > and Uncheck " Include package in overall active member count?"

Why do my Active Member Number and Memberships numbers not match?

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