Give the gift of fitness this holiday season! TRIIB offers a gift certificate url that you can send out to members, link to your website or share on social media. Follow along to view the steps on how to sell gift certificates for your facility!

Step One: Check your settings! Navigate to TRIIB Settings > Edit Affiliate Info > Automatically Apply Account Credits. When this setting is checked off, the account credits from gift certificate purchases will automatically deduct from a member's next invoice. If unchecked, you will have to manually apply the credits to an invoice.

Now let's discuss how to access the gift certificate link!

Step Two: Go to TRIIB Settings > TRIIB URLs > Sell Gift Certificate Link

Step Three: A member (or whoever is purchasing the gift certificate) will fill out the form on the link:

Step Four: Once purchased, admin will be notified via the default email (the email listed under TRIIB Settings > Edit Affiliate Info). You can also go to your dashboard (Dashboards > Dashboard) to see the total number of live gift certificates that need to be applied to a member's account:

From here you can access a screen listing out all gift certificate purchase:

Next let's review: How to Apply a Gift Certificate to a Member's Account

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