Do you offer a free trial or trial promotion at your gym? Whether it's for two days or a whole week, you can use the following method to set up a free trial attendance pack!

Step One: Navigate to Memberships > Add Attendance Pack

Step Two: Fill out the form! Here are some tips:

  • We recommend using "Attendance Pack Expires After Days" which expires all attendance packs after X days from purchase (for a free trial week, we recommend entering 7). Please note that setting an "Attendance Pack Expiration Date" will automatically expire all of these types of packages purchased on X date.

  • How Do You Charge For This Package: $0 for Free or any other amount for a promotion.

  • Type of Attendance Package: Free Trial for $0 and Drop-In for a cost Trial

  • We do not recommend checking this box "Include package in overall active member count?" for Free Trials or Promotional Days/Weeks.

Need to Edit: Once you save your attendance pack, you can always go back and edit it under Memberships > Attendance Packs:

Step 3: Add to Website, Add to Emails or Social Media: To access the link to sell this attendance pack online, navigate to TRIIB Settings > TRIIB URLs > Member Signup Pages:

Step 4: Add an Automated Email for when the trial period is complete

Pro Tip: The member sign up page will list all packages under the "Attendance Packs" tab. If you would like to send or link the url specific to your free trial package, click "select pack" and copy the url in the browser.

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