Need to add an attendance pack to a member's account? It can be done through the admin store!

Go to Store > Store > select "Add" next to the attendance pack > Check Out

From here you can adjust the rate of the attendance pack (if the member has already paid for the package, you can override the price to $0).

Next, Check the Client Out:

  • If the client who is purchasing the attendance pack exists as a member in your Triib account, you can look up their account under "Affiliate Member." The default check out billing method is cash; if the member has updated their payment information on their account, you will also be give the option to "Pay Now" or "Add to Monthly Invoice."

  • If the client purchasing the attendance pack is not currently a member in the system, navigate to the right side of the screen and select one of the visitor check out options:


  • If you do not put an email address, the new member will not be able to login or use the app until an email address is on file.

  • If the same member purchases multiple times and you do not add an email address when checking them out - it will create a duplicate profile.

Once you are finished, the member will receive an email receipt and the attendance pack will be attached to their profile!

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