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Why is an order in Payment Pending and On Hold status instead of Authorized?
Why is an order in Payment Pending and On Hold status instead of Authorized?
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When a TryNow order is placed, you should see an order created in Shopify, then our automated flow places an authorization hold on the shopper's card, fulfillment is released, and the order status becomes "Authorized" and "Unfulfilled." From there, you can fulfill the items as a next step.

If you find that an order is not going through this expected flow and is instead in "Payment Pending" and "On Hold" status, there are several issues that may have occurred.

Failed Authorization

The shopper may have had insufficient funds on the card that they used and their card was declined. The shopper is sent an automated email asking them to update their payment method. See more details in this Intercom article.

Shopify Flow Tool

It is possible that there is an automated flow you might have set up that is conflicting with our TryNow flow logic. Please go through your flows to ensure that none would be forcing an order into payment pending or on hold status rather than authorized status. You can review all your workflows by going to Apps > Flow from Shopify Admin.

Suspicious Order Testing

In our backend, we have certain guardrails in place to flag suspicious orders. One thing we check for is if the order has a first and last name for the shopper. If the shopper does not include a first and last name, then the order will not go through the automated flow and it has to be manually fixed - if you have an issue with this, please reach out through Intercom chat.

In order to avoid this issue, what we recommend is setting your checkout form options to require a first and last name. You can do this from Shopify Admin in Settings > Checkout. You can read more on how to do this in this Shopify article.

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