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Getting Started with TryNow
Initial Installation
Testing your TryNow shopper flow post-implementation
Testing your TryNow shopper flow post-implementation
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After your TBYB experience is live on your site, we recommend testing it out to ensure that it is working as expected and to determine if any other changes are required. In order to avoid any actual payment, you can place the TBYB order which will lead to an authorization, then cancel the order from Shopify Admin which will void the authorization.

Placing a Test Order

Find a product you added the selling plan to. Scroll down on the product settings/details page until you see Search engine listing and open that URL in a separate tab. This will allow you to preview what that product page will look like with the newly added purchase option and test the whole shopper flow.

Product Page

The product page should display the Try Now button with any customizations that you might have made to the text or copy.


In the cart, you should see a "Try Before You Buy" label next to the product along with the product variants, denoting the TBYB selling plan. Also, the cart subtotal should reflect the sum of all items in the cart, irrespective of the selling plan.


  • In the checkout flow, items added using the selling plan will again be denoted as such, with the label “Try Before You Buy for X days.”

  • The “Full Price” under the TBYB label should reflect the list price (any discounts inclusive) as it’s intended to reflect what the shopper will pay for that item should they keep it after their trial.

  • The “Total due today” should reflect the value due today, so this would include any buy now items or non-physical items (e.g. shipping protection) that the shopper would be immediately charged for

  • The “Total due on [future date]” is the price of all TBYB selling plan items plus any other known charges (eg. shipping).

Shopify Admin

Once a TryNow order is placed, it will show up in your Shopify Admin > Orders page as "Authorized" for fully TryNow orders or "Partially Paid" for mixed cart orders. The shopper's card was authorized for the amount of the TBYB items they ordered. The most common issue is when the status is something different such as "Payment Pending" and "On Hold." If you are seeing this unintended behavior while testing, this article lists a few reasons why that may be happening and how to troubleshoot.

TryNow Merchant Portal

You should also see your TBYB order in your Merchant Portal under the “Orders” tab.


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