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Using the Rules Engine to Show / Hide TryNow on Products
Using the Rules Engine to Show / Hide TryNow on Products
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Through the Rules Engine, you can set rules to control the items that have TryNow enabled.

You can easily set rules to show or hide the TryNow option based on product tags. The button visibility will dynamically update as you add or remove product tags on items and also as you add new products. Some examples of commonly used logic include:

  1. Show TryNow on all products except for products tagged with [example_tag]

  2. Only show TryNow on products tagged with [example_tag]

TryNow button visibility is only controllable through this Rules Engine table. By default, our button is only visible to shoppers who go through a TryLink entry point. Our button is hidden on products tagged with “Final Sale.” You can make edits to this default logic below.

View tutorial on setting up the Rules Engine:

Step-by-step Instructions to set up the Rules Engine:

You can easily set up these rules through Merchant Portal.

Step 1: Within Merchant Portal, navigate to Settings --> Rules Engine.

Step 2: On the Rules Engine page, click on "Add Rule" located in the top right corner.

Step 3: Define your rules by giving them a name and specifying the conditions. For example:

  • To hide TryNow on final-sale items, set the button display status to "Hide button always" and enter the tags for the products you want to hide TryNow for.

  • To show TryNow on all products (only accessible through TryLinks, meaning public web visitors who do not go through TryLinks will not be able to see TryNow). Leave the Product Tags field blank to apply the rule to all products.

Step 4: Arrange the rules based on priority.

  • Rules are in order of priority. If there is a product that is affected by multiple rules, the rule that is higher in the table has more power.

  • In the below example, if a product is tagged with both "final-sale" and "new-collection", because the Hide TryNow on Final Sale rule is the first rule in the table above the Show TryNow on New Collection rule, then TryNow will be hidden.

Step 5: Once you've set up your rules, click on the "Save Rules" button at the bottom right of the table.

Other Settings

If you would like to edit a rule, simply click on the rule, and the modal to edit the settings will pop up.

You may also use the on / off toggle to turn a rule on or off. This will allow you to save rules to toggle on later if needed.

Use the trash icon in order to delete rules as needed.

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