How do I add/remove products from TryNow?
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Shopify Admin: Bulk add or remove TryNow

Merchants usually add TryNow to all returnable products. To add TryNow to multiple products at once, simply bulk add the selling plan in your store.

  • Step 1: Go to Products in your Shopify Admin Console.

  • Step 2: Select all products by clicking the top check box.

  • Step 3: Click on the three-dot menu in the toolbar at the bottom.

  • Step 4: Select "Add to TryNow" or "Remove from TryNow".

Note: Due to response times from Shopify's APIs, you are only able to add or remove from one page (50 items) at a time. You can repeat this step on each new product page, however, and use tags and filters for more precision.

Shopify Admin: Add or remove TryNow on a single product

Note: You’ll be able to choose which of your products are TryNow eligible, meaning that they have the Try Before You Buy purchase option for shoppers to use.

Step 1: In your Shopify Admin Console, navigate to Products and click on the product you would like to extend shoppers the ability to Try Before You Buy - you will then be routed to product settings/details. Scroll down until you arrive at Purchase Options.


Step 2: Click the carrot and select Select existing option and select all applicable variants and add to plan.

Step 3: Congrats on adding the purchase option to your first product! Follow the steps below to add the purchase option to the rest of your products.

Step 4: To remove TryNow from a variant, click on "Remove" and then deselect variants.

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