Receiving Payments FAQ (Cleaners)

A few questions about receiving payments answered for cleaners

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Some frequently asked questions about payments are answered here.

Please keep in mind this article may be constantly updated.

If your question is not answered here or your issue involves something more specific from a particular scenario, don't hesitate to contact us through the live chat or email at

"What are the fees for receiving payments through Turno?"

If you are working with your existing clients (clients you met outside Turno) and you invited them, or they invited you to their team, there are no fees to receive payments from them through Turno. If you are working with clients you met on Turno's Marketplace, there is a 5% platform fee for each payment. 💲

You can check the amount deducted in fees from each payment by going to "Payments" > "History" and clicking on the "❓" (question mark) symbol next to the customer name:

"Can I charge per hour?"

Yes, you definitely can! You are free to decide if you wish to charge hourly for your work instead of a flat rate. ⏱️

Check this article for a short tutorial on how to do this:

"How long until I get paid? And where can I see this information?"

Our payments processor, Stripe, typically processes credit/debit card payments within 2-5 business days and ACH payments within 5-7 business days. 📆 For first-time payments, it may take a little longer because they need to verify your account before depositing payouts.

Also, payouts can contain more than one payment, depending on how many projects you completed in the last 24 to 48 hours.

You can see Stripe's estimate for when your payments will arrive to your bank account on the Incoming to Stripe section under Balances on your Stripe account.

"It's been over that time and still nothing."

If this is the case, there may be an issue with your Stripe account. In most cases, the account may be restricted because Stripe needs more information about you or your business in order to fully enable your account.

Log into your Stripe account and make sure you are enabled to receive payments.
If your account is disabled, contact Stripe at their Help Center so they can help you update it. ✅

"I want to receive payouts faster, can I do that? If so, where do I go, or how do I enable this?"

If you would like to receive your card payments faster, some cleaners may have the option to pay an additional fee to Stripe to receive the payments sent through our system more instantly via their platform. Instant Payouts are available to Stripe users and Connect platforms in Australia, Canada, Singapore, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

Accounts in good standing are generally eligible for Instant Payouts after processing on Stripe for a minimum of 60 days and reaching USD 5,000 in volume. Furthermore, US Standard and Direct accounts can choose Instant Payouts with debit cards or direct transfers to eligible bank accounts. Confirm your eligibility through your Stripe Dashboard.

Also, to know more about the differences between a standard payout and an instant payout, check out this other article from Stripe ⬇️

Keep in mind this is a Stripe feature, and not directly related to Turno.

Contact Stripe support directly using the provided link for any questions. 💻

"How do I change the bank account associated with my Stripe Express account?"

For existing Stripe Express account holders, to update your bank account details, visit the Account tab in your Stripe Dashboard. Navigate to Payout Details and select Turno to update payout destinations (debit card or bank account) and associated details.

Please note that if the external account has received previous payouts, entering the previous bank account details and a 6-digit SMS verification code is necessary for edits.

Keeping payout details current is crucial to avoid delays in receiving payouts. We strongly recommend Stripe Express users update their payout information proactively, especially before any changes or debit card expiration.

To delve deeper, we encourage you to consult the dedicated guide on Stripe. ☑️

"And how can I update my bank account information if I'm still using a Stripe Standard account?"

As a Standard Stripe account user, you can conveniently update your bank account details directly through the Stripe Dashboard.

Start by accessing the Settings icon in the dashboard menu and navigating to Business Settings. If your account is based in Europe, the United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Singapore, or Australia, click on Bank accounts and currencies. For accounts elsewhere, click on External Payout Accounts and Scheduling, then select + Add Bank Account. Locate the three dots next to the bank account you wish to update and choose Edit bank account. Input the new bank account details and finalize the process by clicking Edit account to ensure that your payment data is up-to-date.

For more information, consider reading the following article on Stripe. ☑️

"My Stripe account is all set and I still get nothing even after I hit "Complete" on my projects. What's happening?"

If you are connected with your customer via marketplace, there might be an issue with your Stripe account. In this case, follow the instructions on the topic above.

We also recommend you double check with your customer, as there might have been an issue with their payment method that they need to fix.

If you are connected with your customer via invite, there's a possibility that the customer hasn't enabled the auto-payments option on their account to pay you. 💸 You also have to connect a Stripe account to your Turno account first in order to receive payments. If this is the case, we recommend you contact your customer to check if they're interested in using auto payments with you. This article may be useful in case they need help setting up auto payments on their end:

"Is it possible to change my connected Stripe account?"

We can remove the connection from your current Stripe account to Turno so you can add a new one if you wish, but you should keep two things in mind:

1️⃣ Payments currently in progress for the original Stripe account will complete processing to the respective account. This includes upcoming card payments that have been authorized for your hosts since when it comes to marketplace connections, we authorize card payments up to three days in advance of a project.

2️⃣ When we remove the connection from your Stripe account with our end, that doesn't delete your Stripe account. To delete the respective account, you must do it via Stripe's system; please reach out to their support if you require more help with that.

We recommend waiting until there are no pending payments before disconnecting your current Stripe account from Turno. This ensures a smooth transition, as our ability to assist becomes more limited once the account is no longer linked to us. ✅

"Why does my payout date keep changing?"

Stripe may bundle or separate payments into payouts for better processing, as long as the respective payments are still within their expected time frame. When this occurs, it may update the payout date, which is why we recommend checking your Stripe account to follow your transactions and their respective estimates closely. ✔️

"Why am I receiving an alert that a project hasn't been authorized for payments?"

The system sends you an alert whenever there is an issue authorizing payments for upcoming projects scheduled with your customers. Moreover, seeking to ensure you'll be paid without issues when you mark the project as completed, it also notifies the customers directly, prompting them to address the matter that prevented the authorization.

"What does a "payment authorization" mean?"

When it comes to Marketplace connections, auto payments can't be disabled, and if the host pays with a card, a hold will be placed on the payment up to 3 days before your scheduled project.

This hold ensures they have the funds to pay you once the job is done. If the project is canceled or you're removed before completing it, the hold is canceled too. Then, the held amount will be dropped from the client's statement after a few days.

"What will happen if the customer doesn't update their payment method?"

If you mark the project in question as completed and your customer hasn't fixed the issue with their payment method yet, the system won't trigger an auto-payment for the respective project anymore. In this case, a manual payment will be necessary.

Our payments team reviews failed transactions daily and contacts customers as needed. However, if you reach out to the host directly, alerting them to the issue and requesting a manual payment, that may resolve the situation quicker.

If your customer encounters difficulties, advise them to check the next piece. ☑️

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