Setting Up Auto-Pay for Cleaners

For marketplace connections, auto-pay is mandatory, while non-marketplace teammates may optionally set up auto payments. Discover how here.

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Auto-pay streamlines the payment procedure by automatically initiating the processing of funds to your teammate upon project completion. It enhances efficiency and ensures timely compensation for their services while being hassle-free for you. 💸

🪙 How do auto payments work?

When it comes to your Marketplace teammates, Auto Payments are mandatory and can't be disabled. For such connections, depending on your chosen payment method, the respective payments will be authorized up to three days in advance.

However, once you enable automatic payments for your Non-Marketplace teammates, their payments will be authorized as soon as they mark a project as completed (unlike Marketplace teammates, where authorization occurs before the project). Within a few hours of the project being completed, processing should initiate with your bank or card issuer.

Then, the payment in question will take the expected time frame to complete the process and be deposited to your teammate.

Refer to the article below for more details on sending payments. ☑️

🪙 Where do I find the auto payments option?

Auto-pay is an optional feature for your existing teammates but is required for Marketplace teammates (teammates you connect with by accepting their bid). To enable it for your existing teammates, access your account via our website, then click on the hamburger icon on the top left of your screen and navigate to Payments > Auto Payments on the sidebar menu.

🪙 How can I set up auto payments for my teammates?

On the Auto Payments page, you'll find a list showcasing all of your teammates. 

There, for your Non-Marketplace teammates with Payment Account Established, you'll be able to toggle the switch to have Auto Payments Enabled or Disabled for them according to your preference.

However, if they haven't set up their Stripe account to receive payments, you can click on the Invite to setup account button to send them a notification that lets them know you wish to turn on auto payments, and we will prompt them to set up their payments account.

Keep in mind that when it comes to Marketplace teammates, the option to disable auto payments will be unavailable, as auto payments are enabled automatically for them.

Kindly be aware that following the completion of a project or any manual payment to your teammate, there is a 2-week window to cancel any payments, and that all transactions are handled by Stripe, a trusted payment processor we partner with; none of your credit card or bank details are stored in our system. ⚠️

🪙 Why did an auto payment not go through after I enabled the option?

Auto payments start being applied to projects from the moment they are enabled onward. This means that if, for instance, you only turn on auto payments for a cleaner only after they marked a particular project as completed or started, the auto payment for that project wouldn't be triggered, as the system doesn't retry any payments from before auto-pay gets activated. If you've enabled auto payments, but don't see any payment logged on your payment history for a recently completed project, this is likely the cause.

If you find yourself facing this situation, don't worry; you can still ensure your cleaner gets paid for the project. To do so, go to Payments > Manual Payments on our website. Then, choose your cleaner and the particular completed and unpaid project, and make them a manual payment via the respective page. This process will ensure your cleaner receives payment for the project in question despite auto payments not being initially enabled.

Check the following article for visual instructions on making manual payments. ☑️

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