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A few questions about sending payments to cleaners

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Some frequently asked questions about sending cleaner payments are answered here.
Please keep in mind this article may be constantly updated.

If your question is not answered here or your issue involves something more specific due to a particular scenario, don't hesitate to contact us through the live chat or email at

"What are the fees to send payments to cleaners?"

We charge a fee to pay cleaners through our system to cover transaction processing costs. To send payments to your existing cleaners (cleaners you met outside Turno) that were connected with you via invite, there is a 3.9% fee per transaction in the U.S. and Canada (min. $1.50) if you pay them with credit/debit card, and a 1.5% fee per transaction if you pay them via bank account (ACH). 
Other countries have different fees, which are displayed in your account.

To send payments to cleaners you met through Turno's marketplace, there is a 5% fee per transaction if you use a bank account (ACH) to pay the cleaners. If you use a credit card to pay them, the fee is 8% (3% card processing fee) per transaction.

Please note, paying your existing, non-marketplace cleaners through Turno is optional, but paying a cleaner you met on Turno's marketplace is required. ❗

"Are cleaners paid manually or automatically?"

Paying marketplace cleaners through the app is mandatory. Cleaners you already work with and invite to connect with you can be paid either manually or automatically, or outside of the app - it's your choice and you can set this option under "Payments" > "Auto payments". Auto payments to invited cleaners come disabled by default. ✅

Also, even though marketplace cleaners are always paid automatically for projects they complete, there is still an option to make additional manual payments to them.

In case you need to pay them extra for errands, for example, you can send them manual payments on this page.

Here's more information on how to send a manual payment through Turno:

"Why am I being charged for a project that hasn't happened yet?"

We authorize payments up to three days in advance of a project to make sure your payment method is working. The payment only goes through when the cleaner marks the respective project as completed. If the project is deleted or the cleaner is removed from it, the authorization will also be canceled.

📘 It's important to note the authorization is not a charge yet, as the funds have not been sent to the cleaner and are only being reserved for the project.

"How can I add a bank account to pay my cleaners?"

You can add an account to use ACH bank debits to pay your cleaners. To do so, go to "Payments" > "Payment Settings" > "Bank accounts" and click on "New bank account".

We use Plaid to verify banking information for ACH payments. However, some banks cannot be added through the Plaid integration. If that happens to you, please contact our Customer Support so we can assist you with adding an ACH bank account. 👍

"I just added an ACH as my main payment method, can I remove the card?"

Currently, when working with marketplace cleaners, it's not possible to remove the credit card from the system since a credit card is required as a backup payment method in order to set up ACH as the default method on your properties.

Please note, we'll only charge your backup card if an ACH payment fails. ❌

"How can I change my cleaner's price?"

Your cleaners' rates are set per property. To change them, access your property's settings. Go to your Properties page, click the name of the property you wish to change the cleaner's rate for, and go to the Cleaners tab where you can change their price. You can also do it via the My Cleaners page.

If you need additional help, see the following article:

"My cleaner says they're not getting paid, but I sent them a manual payment/automatic payments are on, what can I do?"

Payments take 2 to 5 business days to arrive directly in the cleaner's bank account if the payment method used is a credit/debit card, and 7 business days if it's an ACH.
On occasion, the first payment may take a day longer or two, as our payments processor, Stripe, verifies their account.

Cleaners can access their Payouts page, or log in to their Stripe account to see an ETA of their payouts. 💵

This article from our Help Center has more information that may clarify receiving payments (for cleaners):

If everything seems to be fine but they're still not getting paid, take a look at your Payment History tab on the Payments Settings page - it's possible there is something wrong with your payment method, in which case your payments' status will show as "Declined". Reach out to us in case you need help figuring out the issue.

Here is more information on payment statuses:

Note about enabling automatic payments: this option only works going forward, so once you enable it, the payment for the projects your cleaners already completed will not be processed automatically. We recommend you make manual payments or pay your cleaner outside of the app for those projects.

"My cleaner says I may not have set their price. What should I do?"

It is important to set your cleaner's price when automatic payments are switched on for your non-marketplace cleaners (when you added the cleaner by invite).

To set a price for the cleaner, go to your "Properties" page, click the name of the property where your cleaner is enabled, go to the "Teammates" tab, and set their price per project or per hour. Keep in mind, prices are set per property, so if your cleaner is added to more than one of your properties, it's necessary to set their price on each of them individually.

You may also want to access your "Auto Payments" page to check if automatic payments are enabled for the cleaner in question, in case you wish to pay them automatically.

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