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Am I Eligible for a Free Turno Subscription?
Am I Eligible for a Free Turno Subscription?

Our partnerships with some selected channel management softwares result in a free Turno subscription for hosts under some conditions

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Turno is now granting free, or complimentary, subscriptions for hosts who use certain channel managers we partnered with as their booking source. You may become eligible for this deal under specific circumstances, so read on to know more! 🥁

💡 What is a Turno subscription?

Understanding what a Turno subscription is requires distinguishing between the two types of connections that hosts and cleaners can establish on the platform.

  1. Marketplace connections occur when hosts and cleaners meet on our platform and connect after the host accepts the cleaner's bid.

  2. Non-Marketplace connections are established when users who have met outside our platform and never interacted through the Turno marketplace connect through a direct invite.

When hosts have Non-Marketplace cleaners enabled on only one property, Turno is free to use. If one or more non-marketplace cleaners are enabled in 2 or more properties, all of those properties will become billable and require a subscription. After a trial period of 14 days, the host will need to choose a plan (monthly or yearly) to keep using Turno with their Non-Marketplace connections.

You can learn more about Turno subscriptions and pricing in the following article, or access Turno's pricing page:

💡 Which partners can grant me a free Turno subscription?

When using Turno with one of these channel managers/property management softwares as your booking source, you may be eligible for a complimentary Turno subscription, free of additional charge. Check if your preferred platform is listed below!


Grants a 1-year complimentary subscription

Guesty for Hosts







Valid for users with Lodgify's Ultimate Plan only





💡 What makes me eligible for a free Turno subscription?

To be eligible, your Turno account first needs to be connected with one of the partner channel managers that offer a complimentary subscription deal (listed above). All Turno properties that are synced to one of these partners through API integrations will be considered a free property. You can connect properties and listings in your integration settings within Turno. 

If you don't know how to connect to your channel manager through an API integration, check the following guide:

Keep in mind that we cannot identify that your property is connected to a partner platform if you just add an iCal link to it. If you don't know what this means, check out this short guide:

Starting October 24th, 2023, all Turno properties linked to a partner offering a complimentary subscription are considered non-billable, regardless of how many calendars or integrations are attached to them. Previously, if you added an integration from a platform that didn't provide a complimentary subscription, your property would become billable again.

In other words, your property doesn't have to be exclusively connected to the complimentary subscription partner to stay free. You're now able to add any calendar you may need without affecting the billing status of your property.

⚠️Heads up: a property that has no calendars, or that is not integrated to a free partner, will be considered billable as long as it has non-marketplace cleaners enabled on it. So be sure to link your properties to your integrated platform in your integration settings. This ensures that your property qualifies as free and that your account generates cleaning projects for your cleaners.

💡 My subscription renewed before the partner deal; what does this mean for me?

Turno subscriptions are prepaid and non-refundable. In case a partner deal is announced right after your subscription is renewed, we can provide you credit for the time you paid.

This credit is prorated based on the decrease in the number of billable properties during the period you've paid for. If you add a new billable property not connected to a partner platform, it will first use up the available credit, instead of incurring in a charge. Only once the credit is exhausted will you be charged for any new billable properties.

For example, it’s possible for you to add more billable properties and not pay for them for a few billing cycles, depending on the number of properties that became free with the partner deal and on the generated credit you have left. Chat with our support team, or send an email to so we can help you. 

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