Syncing a Rental Calendar (Via API Integration)

Seeking assistance with syncing a calendar through API Integration? This article is here to guide you through the process.

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To automate cleaning projects and foster seamless collaboration with your cleaning team, Turno requires integration with your vacation rental schedule. This connection can be made through iCal or, for users of property management software, via direct API integration with your preferred platform. 🏘️

🏡 The benefits of syncing your schedule through API integration

Despite their similar functionality in generating projects, adding an iCal link to your property or API integrations with partner platforms exhibit slight differences.

One of the advantages of connecting a property management software with your Turno properties via API integration is the ability to display the anticipated number of guests on the project details that are visible to your teammates.

Check out the article below for additional information. ☑️

Concerning iCals, Turno automatically extracts all events from your channel manager to create cleaning projects, and generally, we can't distinguish between regular events and blocked dates. Consequently, non-booking appointments in your calendar may generate projects on your Turno schedule. Nevertheless, numerous integration platforms with Turno can distinguish between bookings and blocked dates, offering a significant advantage when syncing your schedule via API integration.

See the following article to find the blocked dates option in the system. ☑️

In essence, iCal enables sharing fundamental calendar data through standardized .ics files, whereas API integration enables dynamic interactions and offers supplementary advantages, enriching your scheduling capabilities.

Discover even more nuances between these methods in our detailed guide. ☑️

🏡 Supported platforms

Currently, Turno supports the following property management software and channel managers with API integration:

* In case you would like to integrate with Jurny, check out the following article:

** If you would like to integrate with RedAwning, please refer to this article instead:

Even though this article provides a general guide and highlights the characteristics of adding integrations to your property instead of an iCal calendar, for specific platform connection guides, visit Turno's blog page under the Turno Integrations section: 📑

🏡 Connecting your calendars to Turno via API Integration

Before integrating a rental calendar using an API key, confirm that your channel manager is supported by Turno. To do so, consult the list of supported platforms provided in the section above.

You can obtain your API token or key from your channel manager, then go to Settings > Integrations on Turno to access your integration settings.

After that, select your Property Management Software by clicking on the Connect button under the logo of the PMS that you use.

Once you select your platform, you will be taken to a screen with a field to paste your API Token/Key or account details from your channel manager. Each platform will need slightly different details, so make sure to follow the instructions displayed on the screen.

An example of this is shown below:

Once you enter the required details, click the Next button, and you'll be taken to the next step.

In the following screen, you will see the listings the system has found via your API token. The listings are shown in the column on the left side of the screen. If there are any listings that you don't wish to import, you can even uncheck the box beside their names on the left.

In the column in the middle, you can set what will be the corresponding Turno property (or create a new one from it) that will be connected to each listing:

Lastly, in the column to the right, you'll find the settings for automatic visibility. When enabled, this option immediately notifies and allows your cleaners to accept new cleaning projects as soon as they are generated in your schedule with each new booking, making the projects visible to them upon creation.

By default, listings are set as a new property with automatic visibility enabled. 🚨

If you have already created the properties in Turno, click on the field with a drop-down menu under the Turno Property column. From there, select an existing property to link the integration's calendar to, as shown below:

You can also uncheck the Auto box if you prefer not to have projects automatically visible to your cleaners for the respective property. Then, once you're done, make sure to click on the Link # Listings button located in the bottom right corner of the screen, which should look something like this:

As soon as you click the button to link your listing to Turno, you should be all set and have all of your current future bookings showing in your Schedule.


Here are some of the most frequently asked questions regarding API integrations:

"What do I do if I'd like to use more than one integration?"

If you have calendars from more than one integration platform for the same property, you can add them all to the same property. Simply follow the steps normally to add a new integration token to the respective property.

"Why don't changes to the check-in/check-out times of my bookings update automatically?"

The check-in/check-out time for projects doesn't derive from the calendars linked to your property; instead, you should manually set it in your property settings. These settings serve as the default configurations for your Properties. Nevertheless, you can always customize these default settings for individual projects based on your requirements.

For details on editing individual projects check-in/out times, consult this article. ☑️

"My booking hasn't been imported yet; what should I do?"

Data synchronization from connected channel managers or platforms via API integration with your calendar occurs once every 6 hours. So, if your booking is more recent, you can manually force a sync by navigating to Settings > Integrations > Your PMS and clicking on Link # Listings again to import it into Turno.

Find this information and explore further solutions in our other guide. ☑️

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