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How to Automatically Assign Your Teammate To Projects On Turno
How to Automatically Assign Your Teammate To Projects On Turno

Selecting a teammate to be automatically assigned to all projects on properties you host

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By default, teammates receive your project requests and are able to accept or reject them on their end. You can decide whether you want them to accept each project like this or manually assign them to your projects. The present article shows you how to enable the Auto Assign feature on your properties in order to have a teammate automatically assigned to all projects there.

⚠️ Keep in mind that enabling a teammate on Auto Assign means that any other teammates enabled on a property will not be able to see projects on it unless you remove the assigned teammate first so they can receive the project request or be manually assigned.

❗ Enabling a teammate to Auto Assign

First, go to your Properties page and click on the Update Property option on the property you wish to enable Auto Assign on:

Once you're on the property settings page, navigate to the Teammates tab and click on the ⚙️Advanced Teammate Settings option located at the top-right of the page:

The Advanced Teammate Settings pop-up will open, and under the Auto Assign section, you will be able to select a teammate to automatically assign to your projects on this property:

Note that the teammate you want to enable on Auto Assign must be already added to the property. If you're not sure how to enable teammates on your properties, refer to this article:

After that, click on the button that suits your preference. By choosing Apply only to new projects, the teammate will only be assigned to projects created going forward; by choosing Apply to current and new projects, the teammate will be assigned to your existing unassigned projects as well:

And done! The teammate will start being automatically assigned to all new projects on your property. ✅

🚫 Disabling Auto Assign

In case you want to disable Auto Assign from a teammate, go back to the Teammates tab on your property and click on the Stop Auto Assign button that appears at the top of the page:

Select the option you want regarding the projects that were assigned to the teammate and confirm by clicking on the Stop Auto Assign button again:

🛠️ Troubleshooting

If the teammate shows as non-assignable when you try to select them, this means that they disabled the option to let you assign them projects without having to accept them first. Teammates can choose to disable manual/automatic assignments from their end, which means you will not be able to assign them from your end (manually or automatically) if they opt out of manual/auto assignments.

In case your teammate wants to enable this option, they can refer to this article:

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