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Customers are Not Accepting My Bids. What Can I do About It?
Customers are Not Accepting My Bids. What Can I do About It?

Tips to help your bids stand out in Turno's marketplace

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Having your bid accepted is the first step that will lead you to have cleaning projects offered to you by new customers. A good bid by itself might be enough to get the attention of your potential new customer, but improving your bidding game can help you get more bids accepted in the long run.

👤 Make sure your profile is top-notch

Your public profile is your business card on Turno's marketplace. Potential customers can see it, so make sure your profile is up to date and describes you well enough as a STR cleaner to your future customers.

I'm not sure what my picture should look like, any directions? 💭

A safe bet is to have a picture zoomed in enough, so your face can be seen clearly, with no filters or accessories that might make it hard to recognize you, such as sunglasses or masks. Feel free to give a nice smile if you are comfortable – it's always better for a potential customer to meet you through a nice profile and an even nicer smile!

What should I add to my bio? 💭

Keep in mind Turno is a platform where both you and potential customers are seeking new business, so make sure to mention some of your experience with vacation rental cleaning and any relevant information that gives them a better understanding of you as a business person. Just be careful not to add any kind of personal information to your bio, as it's against our terms of service.

We have a neat article with tips to create a nice bio for your profile. You can check it out here:

Is there anything else that might catch the eye of potential customers? 💭

Turno also has a badge system that allows you to show your potential customers if you have a business license, liability insurance, and other documents that can give you an edge when a customer is deciding whether to accept your bid and hire you. Any document used to acquire a badge won't be accessible for other users to view, but you'll get a shiny badge to let customers know we have verified that you are licensed, insured, or bonded.

If you want to learn more about badges, here's a comprehensive article about them:

✨ Give a face and a voice to your bid

When you send a bid to an offer you received, you can add a message to it for your potential customer. Here you can add any information that might help the customer to better understand your services and business practices – now your bid is not just another number, you are adding quality to it.

💬 Talk to your potential customers

After you submit your bid, you can also start to use the chat feature with potential customers.

You can use this space to greet them, further describe your services, and ask questions. This conversation will be kept if your bid is accepted, so this is the first communication line you'll be using on Turno.

Keep in mind that although sending a bid with a message and talking to your potential customers through the chat are powerful features to assist you, there are rules to communicating with potential customers before having your bid accepted:

✅ What you can use the chat for with potential customers

  • Introduce yourself and describe your experience

  • Discuss details and specializations of your cleaning services

  • Ask questions about the property, such as if there are any rooms, floors, or areas that might require special treatment

  • Know a little more about the expectations of the customer

❌ What you can't use the chat for with potential customers

  • Ask for or provide any contact information such as phone numbers, social media, and addresses

  • Schedule cleaning projects or test cleanings

  • Offer or request to meet/contact each other to establish a connection outside of the platform

To make sure you are following Turno's rules and guidelines when addressing a potential customer, you can also check the following guide regarding our off-platform policy:

💡 Determine what distance is viable for you to travel for a project

Turno has a specific setting that allows you to change the size of your area of action. This feature is known as "Distance Willing to Travel" and it can be found in your account settings. This setting allows you to set your area of action from 5 miles/kilometers up to 50 miles/kilometers, in increments of five.

Although covering a larger area can bring you more offers, having the distance you are willing to travel set correctly can be used in your favor. When you set your area of action to a radius you are sure that you can travel in a reasonably timely manner, your availability for short-time notices and emergencies improves. Now your availability becomes a strong aspect to be presented to your potential customer. What a great asset to have under your belt, right? 😉

You can find more details about range and location settings in the article below:

🤝 Don't be afraid to negotiate

Maybe your bid is not exactly what a customer is looking for, but making yourself available to discuss the work/payment ratio is always a good thing. When both parties are fully aware of each other's needs, expectations, and requirements, a perfect middle ground for your business connection is closer than ever to being achieved.

Feel free to speak with your potential customers via our platform chat and start negotiating with them!

💪 Don't give up!

Sometimes, your bids may not be accepted despite all of your efforts to perfect them. Keep in mind that the decision to accept a bid is ultimately up to the customer in question, and although your bid may not be what they need at a given time, it might be exactly what another customer needs right around the corner – every shot matters.

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