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What ‘Comment’ Should I Leave On My Application?
What ‘Comment’ Should I Leave On My Application?
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Adding a comment to your application can boost your chances of securing the UGC job on Twirl.

1) Tell the brand why their product caught your eye - how will it make a difference in your life? Authenticity is key, and brands are more likely to choose you if you’re able to relate it to your personal life as this will come across more naturally on camera.

2) Show the brand you understand their target audience. If you can match the brand aesthetic, or can put yourself in the ideal customers shoes - tell them how.

3) Provide an edge to YOU as an individual - this might be a unique filming location, a pet that could feature, or ideas for hooks.

Avoid long paragraphs detailing your experience as a UGC creator, or simple claims like ‘I’m perfect for this!’ - give them a reason to look through your Twirl profile.

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