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Time to discover our Creative Hub! The idea behind the creative hub is to build your personal content library so you never run out of ideas again. Find inspiration in our discovery feed or add the chrome extension to save from within FB Ad Library, TikTok Organic and Creative Center, Instagram, and YouTube Shorts - straight into your Twirl library! You can also share and collaborate with your team!

We call it "Pinterest for Marketers" ☺️

Additionally, we frequently publish an inspiration board via email (about every 2 weeks) that is packed with the latest UGC trends so you're always one step ahead.

Feeling lucky? Submit a ‘freestyle’ brief and allow the creator to come up with an idea that suits your brand, based around current trends or authentic UGC. Remember to include product USP’s in the ‘script’ section, and invite creators to add a ‘comment’ to their application. Choose a creator based on their idea, and "invite to Roster" for next time!

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