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Can A Brand Invite Me To Collab?
Can A Brand Invite Me To Collab?
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Absolutely! Brands can invite you to join their Creator Roster. We have a 'Creator Roster' feature on the brand side of our Twirl platform, enabling them to explore creator profiles and filter based on age, gender, and location. Additionally, there's a search bar for specific keywords (e.g., pet dog, mum, vegan).

To enhance your discoverability, we recommend crafting your bio as if you were pitching to your dream brand. Share details about yourself, such as:

  • Occupation

  • Hobbies

  • Description of your home (e.g., aesthetic, in the countryside)

  • Pets or children (plus their ages)

  • Partner involvement

  • Equipment you use for filming (e.g., iPhone, Camera)

  • Personal interests/characteristics (e.g., vegan, sustainability, fintech)

When a brand invites you to their roster, you'll receive an email notification. This means they don't have a brief ready yet, but they're eager to collaborate with you in the future. Sometimes, they might even tailor a brief to you based on your bio.

Respond to the invitation with 'Confirmed' or 'Rejected.' You will always have the chance to review their briefs before accepting. This ensures you have the necessary information before committing to a collaboration.

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