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Congratulations! You've completed another project! πŸŽ‰

Content Approval: Once the client approves the content which they have up to 7 days to do, our system automatically triggers Lumanu to create an invoice on your behalf.

Auto-Completion and Payout Approval: If the client doesn't manually approve the project within 7 days, the system auto-completes the project. The invoice is sent to our Lumanu account, and Twirl receives a notification to 'Approve' the payout. You'll be notified about these two steps.

Funds Release and Withdrawal: After Twirl releases the funds, you'll receive a notification to 'Withdraw' the payment. It takes up to 3 days for the payment to reach your bank account, and the invoice is marked as paid.

Expected Payment Timeline: In summary, you can anticipate payment in your bank account within 1 week of content sign-off.

Communication for Issues: If there are any issues with this process, please inform us promptly. We'll investigate our backend to identify any automation failures and resolve the matter swiftly, ensuring a smooth payment experience for you.

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